New rules because too little salmon in the river.


Following ponds is closed from 22.july: Trerotholla, Sorenskriver, Ivarholla, Gråsonen, Hyttedammen and Tanadalsdammene.

All female salmon and salmon above 3 kg (65 cm) should be released.


The river is closed from fishing from above Langdammen to Ordo, inclusive all side rivers.

So some of zone 2, and hole zone 3 and 4 is closed from fishing.

In Ordo is only prohibit with fishing net and fishing pot

Total season quote is 5 salmon. If you have reached 5 you have to stop fishing this season.

New day quote is 1, and week quote is 2 salmon.


The river is closed from fishing from zone 2 and upside. So all the river from Vegkulpen and above, is closed for fishing. Including all siderivers.

Hole Zone 2, 3 and 4 is closed for fishing.

If you have purchase fishing license after July 26. on web, it’s possible to cancel the purchase on web.

We hope all will help us catch humpback salmon in Zone 1. All rules is valid further on

Dette innlegget ble publisert i Nyheter. Bokmerk permalenken.