Ice fishing

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Fishing rules

All traveling fishermen who are not resident in Finnmark shall disinfect their fishing equipment.

The fisherman is himself responsible for equipment not carrying infection. Båtsfjord JFF requires documentation on disinfection

For fishermen residing in Finnmark, the following is required: Fishing equipment, boats and other possible infectious objects must be dried, frozen or disinfected before being moved to other watercourses.

It is allowed to fish on the ice from 1 January to 31 May

Fishing is only permitted with handcuffs and up to 3 hooks.

There is a fishing prohibit 200 m from the inlet and outlet rivers.

Do not move fish between lakes.

Do not wash or clean fish in another lake than where you fished it.

Do not move equipment to a new lake without drying or disinfecting it.

Do not poor out water from another lake where it was collected